Living a life of purpose has always been of paramount importance to Kelly Foster. He believes
that true purpose lies in creating beauty out of everything. He has worked in the tree industry
for over 15 years, growing a business and adding beauty to the landscape while stamping his
legacy of hard work, commitment, and passion over Denver’s Front Range.

Known for his versatility and poise, Kelly often participates in community development events
such as the Mile High Million Tree Initiative. The goal of this project was to plant a million trees
to make Denver greener and more eco-friendly. Kelly’s talents include sourcing unique plants and
trees from all over the U.S. for these special programs.

In his quest to further beautify the world around him, Kelly decided to venture into the beauty
industry. This idea was inspired by his daughters, who gave him reasons to smile and helped
him appreciate another variation of true beauty. With no prior experience in the beauty
industry, he sought out help with his production and manufacturing processes, sourcing the
highest-quality raw ingredients in nature–the root of Kelly’s passion. Kelly connected with a
talented woman in the industry who formulates one-of-a-kind products using only the best,
non-toxic, and health-benefiting ingredients.

As a brand, “Kelly Foster” aims to provide long-lasting remedies for women and men who
cherish passion and beauty. With a line of products ranging from skin washes, treatment
serums, preventative serums, nourishing moisturizers, skin protection, and eye care, “Kelly
Foster” will preserve beauty in the healthiest ways possible. The brand uses raw ingredients
that have been tested with no side-effects to produce real results.

In the spirit of giving beauty back to the earth, the brand “Kelly Foster” will plant a tree for
every product sale made. After all, beauty is everywhere.

Join us…

Kelly Foster

natural / uncultivated / unrefined